Fight For It

Today is Sandra Walker’s birthday and she is quite literally, a walking miracle.  Two years ago she spent her 30th birthday in the hospital, still trying to decipher how exactly she got there, and wondering where her family was.

“The community is rallying behind a family that was involved in a serious auto wreck…..”

“Sandra and Glen Walker both remain hospitalized with brain injuries following a two-vehicle wreck that occurred Saturday afternoon in South Fulton County…….”

“The Walker family was involved in a head-on collision when their van and another vehicle collided….”

“The children were uninjured in the collision…..”

“Glen Walker, husband and father of two has been taken off life support….”

The month of November is painful for Sandra, but through the pain she celebrates her life.  She embraces the struggle, because with the fight and the struggle comes victory.  It might not be instant, but she does not give up and she believes in herself.  And those moments that her self belief starts to fade, she surrounds herself with people who believe in her and she keeps fighting.

The accident left Sandra with a severe traumatic brain injury.  I’ve learned that 90% of people with the type of injuries she sustained do not wake back up, and the other 10% are left severely disabled.   This truly makes Sandra a miracle.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sandra today after her second workout, her birthday workout.  We all know this one by now; 100m for time with your bodyweight on the sled.  I watched the determination on her face and cheered her on as she hit that first 50m. Most of us know it’s the last half that really gets you.  I had no doubt she would make it back.  When she crossed the 100m mark at 2:57 she looked up and told me how “that was the best birthday present ever.”  Thinking she was joking, I laughed and said “I knew it would be!”

After we unloaded the sled and went back inside, she started to get teary eyed.  It turns out Sandra really thought the sled pull was the best present ever.  She really wasn’t sure she was going to be able to do it, and to make it 100m with her bodyweight on the sled dragging behind her was a victory.  Two years ago she was learning to walk again, and she fought for it.  Today, her sled drag, she fought for it.  And she was victorious.

I could end this with a big motivational paragraph about life, but I don’t think it’s needed.  Sandra is enough of a shining example by herself. What I want you to take from Sandra today is to keep fighting. Whatever it is, whatever you are doubting in yourself, just keep fighting.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and forge ahead.  And don’t forget to appreciate and celebrate the victories you have along the way.

Happy birthday Sandra.  CrossFit Goat loves you!

sandra walker


Written by Amanda



Written by Amanda

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